Course Advice

PhD students are required to take/audit/self-study these courses, or equivalence,

  • within the 1st year:

    • Real analysis (UG level)

    • Convex optimization

    • Wireless communications (UG or PG level)

  • winthin 2 years:

    • Advanced probability theory (PG level)

    • Statistical signal processing

PhD students are required to study these books, or equivalence, within the 1st year:

  • Math: Pick one of the following books. Study every proof and learn how to write clear and rigorous mathematical proofs.

    • Sheldon Axler, “Measure, integration & real analysis”, Springer: Chapter 1–4.

    • H. L. Royden and P. M. Fitzpatrick, “Real Analysis”, Pearson Education, Inc. 4th edition, 2010. (Part I): Chapter 1–4, and 6.

    • J. J. Duistermaat, J. A C. Kolk, “Multidimensional Real Analysis I: Differentiation”: eqivalent chapters

  • Optimization:

    • Steven Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe, “Convex optimization”, 2004.

and within 2 years:

  • Signal processing:

    • Steven M. Kay, “Fundamentals of Statistical Signa Processing: Estimation Theory”