Junting CHEN – Teaching


  • EIE3001 Signals and Systems (Spring’19)

  • EIE2001 Basic Circuit Theory (Spring’20, Spring’21)

  • EIE3510 Digital Signal Processing (Spring’20, Fall’20)

  • CIE6014 Advanced Wireless Communication (Spring’21)

I also taught tutorial sessions, participated in lecture material preparation, and drafted homework and exam problems in:


  • 16.09 Probability and Statistics (Spring’14)

  • 16.434/6.434 Statistics for Engineering and Scientists (Fall’14)


  • EESM5670 Advanced Computer and Networking Architectures (Spring’13)

  • EESM5539 Broadband Wireless Communications (Fall’12)

  • ELEC5460 Wireless Communications (Spring’11, Spring’12)

  • ELEC4410 Digital Communications (Fall’10, Fall’11)

  • ELEC4120 Computer Communication Systems (Spring’10)