Junting CHEN

Research Opening (2021)

We are now have the following funded openings:

PhD Student

We are actively looking for PhD students to be admitted in the Computer and Information Engineering (CIE) program. The program duration is typically 4-5 years funded with scholarships. Tentative research directions include:

  • UAV communication networks

  • Millimeter wave and terahertz communications

  • Data driven sensing and communications

  • Massive MIMO systems

Our lab focuses on theoretical research. We expect candidates to have strong mathematical background and solid logical thinking skills, with a bachelor in EE, CS, Math, or Physics. Candidates should demonstrate strong academic performance, typically with GPA within top 10%, or with rich experience in academic competitions or projects, or with sound publication track record (for graduate students). You will closely work with the supervisor for your research. You will have opportunities to work on joint projects collaborated with other groups in FNii and SSE and to build up cross-area resarch skills (AI, image/video processing, etc.). Attending international conference and visiting oversea research institutes are also encouraged and sponsored.

If interested, please send in your (i) CV, (ii) transcripts, and (iii) one sample report (Englihsh version perferred, but Chinese is also fine) to juntingc@cuhk.edu.cn.


The lab also looks for Postdoc in sparse signal processing, machine learning, artificial neural network, millimeter wave communications, underwater communications, or candidates with strong background in optimization theory, estimation theory, or reinforcement learning. Postdocs in our lab are expected to focus on research with some minor duties to help write proposals and co-mentor students.

If interested, please send in your complete CV, 1-2 pieces of your representative work, and a short paragraph on your tentative research direction (email: juntingc@cuhk.edu.cn).

Visiting Student / Research Assistant

Undergraduate visiting students are expected to develop computer simulations for experimental validations and exploration, through digesting technical documents and developing experiments. Thus, applicant should have strong programming skills, be familiar with Matlab, know how to perform rigorous experiments, and feel comfortable in English writing. The candidate should aim for scientific research and publishing good conference paper as a primary purpose of the visit. Strong academic record in core courses is expected.

Research assistants (RAs) are expected to have a bachelor degree in EE or CS, with a plan of advanced study in the future. Long-term stay (minimum 4 months) is expected. RA can either participate in projects of the lab or undertake any research topics under mutual interest after discussing with the supervisor. The lab can assist with related resources and fund publication and travel cost.

If interested, please send in your complete CV and transcripts to juntingc@cuhk.edu.cn.

Additional Information for Candidates outside Guangdong Province (including International)

There are additional government funds available.

Dr. Chen’s Bio

Dr. Chen received his Ph.D. degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Hong Kong SAR China. Prior to joining CUHK-SZ as an Assistant Professor, he has a diverse research experience in leading oversea research institutions: HKUST (2009—2013), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2014—2015), EURECOM at Sophia-Antipolis, France (2015—2016), and Viterbi School at University of Southern California in USA (2016—2018). He has published over 40 papers all in top journals and conferences. Contact: juntingc@cuhk.edu.cn.

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